Тhe most exciting part of culture in the area is connected with the Thracians, the concepts and the beliefs they had. Four sanctuaries, twelve dolmens and over ten hill necropolises have been discovered. The most remarkable of all monuments is Beglik Tashsanctuary, which embodied the cult of the Thracians to the sun. Rock formations Lavskata glava (Lion's Head), fiords and seal cave in Maslen Cape are also of great interest. The ancient way of birds Via Pontica is a particularly interesting fact characterizing Primorsko region as an extremely clean one. These nature beauties are of unique flora and fauna which create colorfulness and exoticism. Ancient ruins of Azine Fortress, Thracians dolmens dated as far back as the VI century BC and the remains of the pre-Christian chapel Sv. Paraskeva (St. Paraskeva) are exciting places to visit. Museum collection Bulgarian Yasna polyana in the village of Yasna polyana, "Sv. Troitsa (St. Trinity)" chapel in the village of Novo Panicharevo.